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First Gen is one of the leading providers of clean and renewable power in the Philippines.

2019 Integrated Report

Forging Collaborative Pathways for a Decarbonized and Regenerative Future


Natural Gas

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning of all fossil fuels, emitting up to 60% less carbon dioxide than coal. It also does not leave behind by-products like ash, sludge, and other particulate matter that are harmful to our health and the environment.

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Geothermal power plants generate power using natural heat and steam from beneath the earth's surface. It is the only type of clean and renewable energy that can provide uninterrupted power, 24/7.

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Hydroelectric power plants produce power by harnessing energy from flowing or moving water. Apart from being a source of renewable energy, hydro plants also help with flood control, irrigation, and water supply.

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Wind turbines use the kinetic energy of wind to generate electricity. It is one of the renewable energy sources with the lowest environmental impact.

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Solar energy is produced when solar panels absorb photons – tiny energy particles from sunlight. Solar energy is known to be the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source.

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